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Exciting Youth About Science Through Insects

Insect Diversity .... Celebrating the Little Creatures of the World

A print by artist Charley Harper & subtitled by world renowned entomologist Dr. E.O. Wilson

The Insect Diversity poster & print, subtitled by Dr. E.O. Wilson, was created for the Entomological Foundation. Only 2,000 posters and 47 framed Giclee prints were created. All posters and prints are printed on high quality acid free paper. Posters are about 19" x 26". Framed Giclee prints are roughly 19 1/4" x 26 3/4". There is a very limited number of framed prints signed by Dr. E.O. Wilson.


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The print, which was originally created for the Cincinnati Zoo and titled Insect World, was re-created with a new title and subtitle specifically for the Entomological Foundation. This initiative supports the Foundation's efforts to excite youth about science through insects and increase public awareness of the importance of insects and insect science. An accompanying educational brochure created by Texas A&M University will be made available to all educators who would like to use the poster as part of their science program.

All prices include shipping and handling except when shipping overseas. Please contact the Foundation office for costs to mail outside North America. Posters are $23 each. There are a limited number of framed prints either signed or not signed. Framed Giclee prints signed by Dr. E.O. Wilson are $250 each. All framed Giclee prints, not signed, are $63 each. The purchase price of each poster or Giclee print is 90 percent tax-deductible and supports the Entomological Foundation's educational programs.

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