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Are we doing enough to help today’s young people discover the world of science? In the U.S. only 21% of 12th grade students perform at or above the proficient level in science(1) and the U.S. ranked 17th of 65 countries in science test scores of 15-year olds, dropping below its ranking from 2000(2).

One thing we know for sure - insects excite and inspire children. They ignite an interest in biology and science to create adults with the science literacy needed to grasp today's world. The Entomological Foundation exists to foster this interest by empowering teachers, parents, and the general public with tools to stimulate and sustain this fascination for the six-legged. Why insects? Insects are an exciting and unusual way to teach life sciences. And, as one teacher shared, the difference is in the light that shines in the eyes of a child when they are captivated by an insect.

We depend on your gift to help us educate and excite young people about science through insects.

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Call Mariel Snyder at (608) 232-1410, fax 608 232-1440 or Tom Green can also be reached by his cell, (608) 209-8298


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Enhancement Fund

Your support to the Entomological Foundation's Enhancement Fund will:

1. Ensure that the Entomological Foundation has the resources to maximize its reach and  maintain the unwavering commitment to stimulate and sustain interest in insects and science.

From our interactive learning website and outreach activities to our educational materials and posters, the Entomological Foundation creates educational programs and activities for young people that build critical thinking skills and encourage inquiry and exploration. Our educational outreach program is quickly becoming a popular vehicle for promoting science literacy through insects. 

2. Support science education by providing engaging educational materials

Educators are provided inquiry-based educational materials that focus on national science education standards. Workshops, educational materials and resources increase the ability of educators to incorporate insect science into formal and informal educational programs.

3. Recognize and reward excellence in insect science and education.

Through an inclusive and expansive awards program, the Entomological Foundation ensures that achievements in the field of entomology are recognized from kindergarten teacher through senior professor. Teamwork across disciplines and creativity are stressed. 

Our work ensures a lasting appreciation of the contributions of the discipline of entomology so that there will always be a steady pipeline of interest in this fascinating and important field of study.  Learn more about our work  



The Invertebrate Studies Institute (ISI), the Entomological Society of America (ESA) and the Entomological Foundation is hosting “Planet Invertebrata” at the 2014 USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC!

The “Planet Invertebrata” section will feature several activities including live and preserved invertebrates, edible insects, pollinators, innovative invertebrate technologies, arts and crafts, and more. These hands-on stations will offer exciting, interactive and engaging experiences for visitors. ISI’s mission is to promote public awareness and appreciation of invertebrates, science and the natural world. ISI achieves this mission through invertebrate centered education, outreach, research and conservation.

This wonderful event would not be possible without generous support and sponsorship!

Please consider supporting this unique educational opportunity for our youth and make a donation today! Click here to make a donation though our online secure server. Donations made will go to ISI.


Gifts of all sizes are needed and appreciated. As part of the Enhancement Fund, a Science Literacy Benefactor program has been created for larger donations. Funding partners will receive special recognition for gifts at the $30,000 Platinum Benefactor level; $20,000 Gold Benefactor level; $10,000 Silver Benefactor level; and the $5,000 Bronze Benefactor level. Science Literacy Benefactor gifts may be pledged over a 3-5 year period. (Pledge Form)

You can support our work by:

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Mariel Snyder, (608) 232-1410, fax 608 232-1440.

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For more information contact Tom Green, Entomological Foundation,

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(1) January 2011. The Nation's Report Card: Science 2009. National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education.


(2) December 2010. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Program

for International Student Assessment 2009 Database.




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