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Please note: This program is no longer available

Educational Mini-Grants

Funded by the Entomological Society of America


Grants will be awarded up to $2,100 for small curriculum development efforts or professional development workshops emphasizing practical and innovative uses of Arthropods in K-12 formal and nonformal educational settings. Examples of grants awarded to implement educational programs. View sample grants here.

Proposals should address one or more aspects of the following topics:

1) Teacher/volunteer youth educator skill enhancement.
2) Entomology related educational resource development for use in grades K-12.
3) Innovative approaches to the use of arthropods to demonstrate biological systems/principles.

Grant award will not cover indirect costs associated with i.e. facilities, administration. Applications are to be submitted on-line and transmitted electronically in MS Word to April Gower, Entomological Foundation, April@entfdn.org by close of business September 1. Funded recipients will be expected to implement the workshop/program the following year in which funding is received. Final reports will be due by January the following year. Contact information for the final report plus additional information contact Ms.Gower, 301-459-9083.

Project Application--The total application should be no more than four pages. If additional information is required, the Entomological Foundation Board of Directors will contact you.

Present the proposal/application in the following format:
1) Project Title.
2) Name and Address of Institution.
3) Project Leader Address, Telephone, Fax, and E-mail.
4) Brief Abstract.
5) Background/Current Situation.
6) Expected Outcomes and Objectives.

7) Methodology: Procedures, Partner Roles, and Time-line.
8) Evaluation Process.
9) Report Target Numbers and Diversity Factors.
10) Budget and Narrative.

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